Asking for a Friend

I heard Annabel Jones’ Asking for a Friend and a couple of the lyrics really got under my skin.  They inspired the piece below.

I watch helpless
as sadness swallows
you whole
too weary to fight
you are going down
without a sound
slipping into the
deep stillness
where my arms do not reach
I call your name
over and over
into the darkness
while seeking a strong
rope or sturdy branch
to lower down to you
that I am not certain
you will even
try to grasp
passers-by pause, curious
at my frantic attempts to reach you
How do you stay clear?
How can you find peace?

I inquire of
the disinterested strangers
I am asking for a friend

3 thoughts on “Asking for a Friend

  1. Desperate searching
    A way to save a friend
    To pierce enveloping darkness
    Bystanders and passers by
    No help there
    How can they not
    How can they not

    As I read, a verse from “Colors Of The Sun” by Jackson Browne came:

    “Oh, leave me where I am I am not losing
    If I am choosing not to plan my life
    Disillusioned savior search the sky
    Wanting to just to show someone the way
    Asking all the people passing by
    Doesn’t anybody want the way”


  2. I keep coming back to this, trying to think of a comment that does justice to this tremendous art you’ve weaved. Nothing I can think of adequately describes how moving this poem is. Tremendous work.


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