Writing on the Wall

Originally published on Sudden Denouement

I read the
writing on the wall
neon graffiti
composed of
cryptic symbols
stunning words
of power
that sting
my bare skin like sleet
ice crystals that burn
and freeze on contact
I recognize your
artist’s tag
I long to
pull out
cans of spray paint
from my battered
connect the dots
with hunter green
soften the edges
silver and mauve
rewrite the narrative
midnight blue
but this is not
my territory
I am unsure of
my welcome
on your turf
these days
I reluctantly
turn away
and walk
city streets
concrete and steel
broken glass
strewn sidewalks
to my 3rd floor
rows of deadlocks
and chains
on the door
never certain if
their purpose is to
keep others out
or keep my creative
madness contained
in this room
of my own
blank canvases
I pause
what I want
what I need
to express
and lose myself
to the process
weaving words
of love
of healing
spinning dreams
painting longing
etched with light
a thing of
that you may
never see

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved
Revised © 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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