Malevolent Melody: a collaborative piece by the curators of Blood Into Ink

Aurora Phoenix

Your Urgency Pierced My Marrow

with vanilla milquetoast
you spun a web
the envy of Arachne
smeared in syrupy cajolery –
I supped on hand-dipped flattery
your urgency pierced my marrow with flim flam

Kindra M. Austin

Dilly Dalliance Bound Me

Lavender dipped
indulgent tongue
dripped incantations,
salacious songs—
your abuse was tender
dilly dalliance bound me with feathers

Sarah Doughty

The Honey You Gave

Those words were sweet as honey and I drank them down like they were all for me. I fell for each one. But slowly, beneath my rose-covered eyes, they soured.
And, piece by piece, you took all you wanted from me.

My Valiant Soul

Your Hands Are Stiff Wire

Cinnamon sticks plummeting
screeching lullaby with love and hunger,
A spasm spews on the back of an ant
The circle of disgust and disgust
My legs are broken, my arms are missing
yellow stingy archaic cry
Ruffling touch,
You disappear like a swollen pollen grain
As I chop my hair, chop the hideous you.


Lies and Propaganda

Anything goes, according to your arrogant agenda
Gaslight fueled, devotion fooled
Poisonous thirst for possession
And domination obsession
Believing exemption from
Sugar coated sin
As long as you win
Sticks and stones broke my bones, your lies and propaganda broke my spirit

Christine E. Ray

No Longer Your Canvas

I throw out the bouquet of violets, saliva, red roses
you lay in empty contrition on our sheets of white linen
where I nurse the most recent bruises you have drawn with your fists
once you are gone, I adorn myself in essential oils
bittersweet for truth
thyme for strength
rosemary for remembrance
though my left eye may be swollen shut
I have never seen more clearly
than I do as I walk out the door, hidden suitcases in hand
I will no longer be the canvas for your unholy rage

(image: DeviantArt)

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