Shield Maiden Collaboration: The Burning Bed

Dedicated to the Survivors of Domestic Violence worldwide


memories float about like smoke from a raging wildfire
unsure if I should run or hide
a conflicting desire to hold on and release
breathe in, breathe out
shaking, quaking
I need them to stay
I need them to go

Aurora Phoenix:

chafing of my bondage
sparked a rope burn
it smoldered inside me
tonguing greedily upon my soul
it fed on the fuel of my fears
igniting red-orange on my flesh
licking with scarlet-steel flames
through the cracked parchment
shell of my skin


I think I am supposed to hate this encounter… possibly hate it and me enough to love it.
I don’t know if I need it to stop… or if I just need to see where it will go… the pain is so parallel to my pleasure…
Yet all that I feel is the heat from this burning bed… it’s hot like fire as my arsonist whispers in my ear… his words… “you like it…” are swirling around my head…
More like bouncing like a sick game or ping pong… or possibly a dirtier game… something so wrong…
Or is it right?
The fire in my loins can’t be extinguished… my body betrays me over and over and she doesn’t fight….

Christine Ray

It started as fire
The slow red flame that licked up my walls
Before you showed me Jekyll and Hyde
As you knock me to the floor
for what I decide
Will be the last damn time
I realize I have turned to a woman of ice
Blood from my split lip frozen to my chin
Frost on my skin that will burn
Your fingers if you lay your hands on me again

Kindra Austin:

Label me crazy with ink black, blue, and red;
You beat up my body,
Raped away my identity,
Fucked up my head.
Is my insanity so temporary?
I wonder while you burn.


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