Make Me Visible

worn thin
I am a ghost of the woman
I used to be
living in shadow
haunting the night
lost in the past
lost in my head
my spark growing dim
my light eclipsed
do you see me?
in the corner
flicker of light
almost extinguished
do you hear me?
whisper in the
haunting melody
do you feel me?
brush of fingertips
against your neck
warm breath
on your cheek
do you remember me?
can you sense me?
whiff of lavender
iron tinge of pain
can you
make me
can you
return me
to life?
can you
remember me back
to the warm blooded
woman of curves and angles
who left the
lingering taste of
chocolate and fire
on your tongue?

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


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