Petitions (A Collaborative Piece)…

I am very grateful to have been invited to participate in this beautiful collaborative piece in 2017. Thanks to Eric Syrdal at My Sword and Shield for organizing this project.


By night’s dark embrace
I light these candles of petition
and speak unto my heart
on my knees in the moonlight

Hear me
oh crimson guardian in my breast
engine of my life
ever the drum beat that underlies
the story of my days
I beseech thee,
do not fall for such a cause as this
you know I have no choice in these matters
but to plunge headlong
hand in hand
together to our end

and I grow so weary of falling


By night’s dark embrace
I light these candles of petition
and speak unto my soul
on my knees in the moonlight

Hear me
guiding light
that burns quietly
within me
the hour is late
I am weary to my very bones
the choice that lies before me
illuminate the paths ahead
guide my steps to the road
that is just
that is right
do not let my feet choose simply what is easy
help me find my courage

I no longer want to be ruled by fear


By night’s dark embrace,
I cry out in silent prayer.

I am alone, bereft of friend and companion.
Lost am I, upon the road of life.
Delayed at a wayside cut deep by emotional scars.
My mortal frame has walked a path of closing doors.
Ever is the pathway pointing my feet forward, yet to all sides the way is shut.
Inner demons thrive upon indecision, preying upon my mind.
I’d light a candle, but the match has snapped before it sparks.
Tears run dry down a face soaked with precipitation.
My lifeblood mingles with the elements, spilled by choices from the past.
I cry out in silent prayer.



By night’s dark embrace, I hold on
to hope with everything that’s left.

The night embraced me in her darkness, an embrace I never expected. An embrace that made me feel comforted. It was foreign, but oh so nice. And I felt that warmth every frightful night. Before the steps coming my way and the living nightmare that would come. The night held me in her embrace as I waited, and she continued to hold me until the pre-dawn light announced the start of a new day.

The night, in whatever form she takes, has been my constant. I am one with the night. With all her darkness, all her shimmering lights. Those glowing embers flickering off in the distance millions of miles away. Through every phase of the moon, and through every storm, she remains. And for as long as I live, I will continue to look upon her with fondness and comfort.


By night’s dark embrace
I burn this incense of perdition
and speak unto the universe
on my knees in the moonlight

Hear me
Spirit of emptiness
Fill yourself
Fool yourself
Trick me into believing in you
By becoming someone worth believing in
And take it all from me
Like infinite footballs pulled away
At the last moment
Teach me what hope is really about
Belief without proof
Reward me by giving it all back
And more





by night’s dark embrace
I spark these votives of intercession
and speak unto my inner angel
on my knees in the moonlight

hear me
spirit of perseverance
that nips, a frenetic terrier,
at my dragging heels.
lighten my bowed shoulders
heavy with perturbation’s weight
chase away
the lowering despair
hanging afore my eyes
shaggy unshorn locks.
nuzzle and lick my hangdog face
glowering in consternation
as I stumble on rocky roads
until I giggle in spite of myself
lift my eyes
and behold rays of hope
parting stormy clouds


By night’s dark embrace
I light these candles of petition
and speak unto my soul
on my knees in the moonlight

Hear me
My voice a mere cricket in a chorus
Calling across the field at night, vast…

Cast this journey I take across it
Will take so long. Too long it seems.
When the day sets its weight upon me
My voice reaches inside my heart to wash
Its impurities away.  Hear me chant as I dig
A grave to lay down the body of the dead
Man whose soul still pleads with you to live
One more day, one more day, one more…

Hear me from my knees, Moonlight
Speak your petition to my soul, light
The candle that flicks night’s dark embrace.


by night’s dark embrace

the soft, soft hand of success
beckons –
a creature, a comfort
in richest gold.
she circles me,
she is past and present –
a splendid ship at pier’s end.
whistle, whistle, golden one…
I squash the pens of pretense
and dreams of love
beneath my weighted will –
oh! there is more to us than this.
I pray,
that morning’s light will help us find it.


By night’s dark embrace,
Before the dawn’s beams break,
I sit alone and still,
Inhabiting each breath,
Fully present I look within
For the strength and wisdom
To save myself,
No one else will; no one else can.
Only by myself am I condemned and defiled,
Only by myself am I saved and sanctified.
Reciting and remembering
Ancient wisdom, timeless as human nature,
I am what I think,
Nothing beyond can hurt me,
Nothing beyond can heal me,
Turmoil, despair and evil
Born of ignorance and illusions.
I arise refreshed and armed
To grapple with the day.


By night’s dark embrace
I incite fire, funeral pyre;
Pray on my knees ‘neath moon, stark white
Mother, imprisoned in prism, bender of light,


Heart murmurs, mine
Stutters, stunned in wake of death—
Defy ultimate law of nature
Refract starshine and smile on me, you
Beacon of courage
Teller of truths
Holder of trust
Giver of hope
Vessel of love

Bless me, and keep me

1 Wise Woman

By night’s dark embrace
I search for peace
And weep unto my divine being
On my knees in the moonlight

Release me
From storms of inner chaos
For I am drowning
In sanity stealing squalls
And fear I will be forever lost
Amongst these demon built walls
No place for sun
Who rises and sets with ease
A miracle I wish to know
Grateful in its glow
Lighter and free
Let me be, I beg
My penance is done

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