Metamorphosis – Christine E. Ray

I am honored to have my writing featured today on Free Verse Revolution


I have led 

many interesting 


different cities

different jobs

different lovers

different friends


some of them

only brief rest stops

before moving on

I have always left

too easily 

I think

never as sentimental

as I feel 

I should be


other lifetimes

I have inhabited 

for longer stretches of time

settling in

trying them on for size

wearing them 

like a second skin

always all in

until I am not


I have been 

many different women

electric, extreme teens

sexy and seventeen

in a hurry 

to be grown

to be gone

from too-small


hometown where 

I never belonged


I have been 

bold reinvented twenties

sure that I knew everything

ready to take on 

the world


new graduate

in Boston

three jobs

futon on the floor

clothes piled in milk crates

love letters never sent

my whole life

fitting in a minivan

graduate student 

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