Faeries And Books

I had the great pleasure yesterday to meet Ivor’s cousins Maureen and Terry and sign books for them, including one that will make its way into Ivor’s hands. I love how words can connect us no matter the oceans that separate us.


Faeries And Books

Australia is a far away land

Only reached by ship or plane

Today, I saw the Ben Franklin Bridge at my door

Distant fairies were knocking, a message for Ivor

From my Philadelphia cousins, Maureen and Terry

They went to a Pop-Up Shop, a writers library

To meet Christine, our chief of  ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’

Who signed a book for me, and a joint photo for my display

Cherished Thanksgiving gifts, to make my heart beat

Now I’m looking forward to my cousin delivering the treats

Ivor Steven (c)  Dec 2019

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3 thoughts on “Faeries And Books

  1. Thank you dear Christine for the reblog, and for being gracious and friendly to my lovely cousins, Maureen and Terry. The whole has been a wonderful experience for me and my cousins. 💙🌏


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