White Christmas – Georgiann Carlson

you can dream of a white christmas
you can love snow
especially on the first night
when everything is sparkling like diamonds
and the sound is so muffled
you think you’re the only person
left alive
it’s so beautiful
you can’t believe your eyes
and then
it ends up looking
like this very sad
last pile of neglected snow
and you feel bad for it
and want to dig it out
so that its whiteness
will see the light of day
because you know
deep down inside
that in the center
of that dark and dirty pile
there is a sparkling
white heart
that will remind you
of the night that it fell
and was so amazingly beautiful

I’m an artist, a writer, a vegetarian, an animal rights activist, and quite a few other things as well. I love books, cats, philosophy, good conversation, Chicago and the arts. So my blog is full of bits and pieces but it’s the bits and pieces that make life interesting to me. You can read more of my writing at Rethinking Life

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