My Beast

caged beast
hidden in my breast
screams inchoate rage
beats its fists
into bloody pulp
against metal ribs
until they splinter
we cling
fiercely together
curl in the corner
rocking rapid
hiccuping rhythms
we don’t cry pretty
we teeter
on the edge
of madness
wonder why
we are never

Image courtesy of Pinterest

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “My Beast

  1. Wondering why you’re not enough
    makes the assumption you are not
    haven’t find the reason to believe it
    not to find any, makes you be nuts.

    That beast wants to devour you
    with lies, traps and its illusions
    never having remorse in its glut
    there are certain doors to open
    but other doors need to be shut.

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