Midnight Precedes- OldePunk/RamJet Poetry & Christine Ray/Brave and Reckless

Midnight precedes
The dawning of you
Shadows and peaches
Lavender and spices
Rare, honeyed tongue
Sings rapture
My soliloquy of you

Cool moonlight
Carves your shadow
Against stark walls
But you are smooth whiskey
Intoxicating to my parched soul
Cedar and pine
Warm earth against my skin

From earth it begins
Aquiline movements
Fostered by need
To travel without motion
Traverse the depths
Of the lilac and evergreen
Pools of your eyes

Sacred stolen hours
We claim as our own
We declare victory over the selfish god
In this indigo night
Where everything that is not us
Drifts away
Like silver dust motes

Writ of passage into
The deep dark
Where our secrets
Are kept by the verdant
Grasses and tall oaks
Cottonwood blooms scent
The air of our bonding

We explore our mysteries
Your hands
Clasping mine
Ground me
Connect me
To where our souls and
Bodies entwine
Our breath rising
And falling in unison

Born unto a full moon
Platinum and diamond
We are anointed
Holly and ash
Truth enchants
Incantation of love
As below, so above
Earth and heaven
Body and mind

As below, so above
Hearts and bodies
At last in repose
Held tenderly
Until dawn’s first blush

Olde Punk writes RamJet Poetry  and Christine Ray writes for Brave and Reckless

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