Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: In the Light Of Night- Ivor Steven

Mum, what I see is really real
I’m not a walrus or a seal
This night’s sky’s glowing and alive
Clear as yesterday’s midday drive
Look up there, through the old red gum
I’m not making things up Mum!

Look up there, where blackness was a sea
The man in the moon was laughing at me
Then I saw his hungry moon eat the dark
And spit out the stars as red bark

Don’t worry son, I’ll stay with you tonight
The angry bushfires have turned on their sky lights

Ivor was a former Industrial Chemist, then a Plumber, and has been writing poetry for 19 years. He has had numerous poems published in American on-line magazines, and local Geelong Anthologies, where he’s an active member of Geelong Writers Inc. He’s also a Barista/team member with Go Dog Go Café.

You can read more of Ivor’s writing at Ivor.Plumber/Poet

7 thoughts on “Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: In the Light Of Night- Ivor Steven

  1. Thank you Christine for accepting my poem and publishing here on your fabulous site. I enjoyed the prompt and how I could tie the challenge, into our Australian bushfire situation…. I shall be reblogging your post on my site soon, and since I love the essence of the poem, I think I’ll post the piece on Go Dog Go Cafe today… Although here in Geelong it’s 7.00am Saturday 29th !!

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