Promote Yourself Monday, 3/2/20 and Roundup for 2/24/20

It’s Promote Yourself Monday at the Go Dog Go Cafe. Stop by, drop a link to a piece you have written, and get introduced to some great writers!

Go Dog Go Café

Promote yourself Mon

Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe community members are invited to post one link to one specific piece of their writing (600 words or less please!) they have published on their blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed into the comments section below.

Another amazing week last week! We continue to see a growth of enthusiastic support and responses from around the world! The numbers: 340 comments, 269 views, and 44 likes. Most important, we had !!33!! posts shared with us, now is your chance to go back and take a look at these amazing writers and people just in case you missed one or two. If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to. As always, stay a while, scroll around, and write, write, share, write! Here are the posts our community…

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