(New!) Wednesday’s Level UP Challenge, 3/4/20 and Tuesday’ Writing Prompt Challenge Round UP

This week’s Level Up Challenge from the Go Dog Go Cafe

Go Dog Go Café

Good morning Friends, Baristas, and regular guests here at the Go Dog Go Cafe, it’s level UP day here at the cafe! Last week was a little slower with only 2 brave souls, Tanya and Punam, taking on the challenge of Eugi’s Stellar, Devereaux’s ‘I never want that again,’ Sadje’s bicycle photo and Luka Bloom’s “Acoustic Motorbike.” In fairness, I had life get away from me and never got to my own challenge.  Bad, blogger, bad.

I hope you had a chance to explore Beth’s fantastic challenge “Let There Be Storms.” We have had some great posts this week, !12! so far! Follow the links below to these, but don’t think you can only take the GDG Challenge on Tuesdays… try it today, tomorrow… or anytime this week!

How are we going to Level UP this week?

(BTW don’t forget to post…

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