Something Wicked in the Clouds- Christine Ray/Brave and Reckless & Stephen Fuller/Fullbeard Lit

Originally published on Sudden Denouement

Ever been cloudbusting?
We lay on our backs
in damp fragrant grass
Look up at the sky
to trace a dream that seems
Soft and fluffy
like cotton candy.

We point up at rabbits
and dragons in the mist
Discerning ghost ships in full sail
Moments so sweet kids swallow
Them in their first sugar-filled
Carnival step to torment parents
Filled with a need for one still moment
To spite the chaos.  Life

Invent a new game from shadows
North winds blow in ominous clouds
We bust them up into Grimms
that twist into dark corners
Where Freud conjures out
Nightmares stripping bliss
Exposing naked fears
That freeze children in their place
We watch vaporous Hell Hounds
Chase fleeing maidens
Giant toads swallow koi

Release our Ids, wild and feral
Join the Wild Hunt
Chase the devil
Across the night sky
A hero or a demon
Determined by the color
of the rain that drips from
His wounds.

You can read more of Stephen Fuller’s writing at Fullbeard Lit

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