WRITER’S WORKSHOP I, Week 3, Curveball Challenge

Week Three of Tanya’s Writing Workshop

Go Dog Go Café


Something to think about:

Our talented writers have some amazing stories brewing in the Go Dog Go Café; but, the water is just getting hot, and we aren’t finished yet! Congratulations to everyone who has traveled this far in our first Writer’s Workshop journey. This week’s quote comes from a wonderful book for writers by Douglas Glover, Attack of the Copula Spiders, and is taken from his essay, “How to Write a Short Story:”

On Story Openings

When you open a story, think back to first principles—expectation (form) and interest and the subsidiary problem of establishing complexity and amplitude in the narrative voice. What do these first principles then require in an opening? They require: 1) an identifiable point of view; 2) probably at least two characters; 3) a conflicted situation involving two characters; 4) a mode of presentation (languages, sentences, paragraphs) that is strong and interesting besides.


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