Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: A Late Winter’s Lament – Samantha Tumblin

through clouded grey skies
crooked suns emerge — defy
knaves of nascent time

spring is in the air
blooming gloom from winter’s lair
Gaia in despair

daffodils lament
discarded petals repent
pollen tears descend

planting seeds of hope
‘neath the sheath of dead leaves strewn
snapping saplings’ bones

the moon ate the dark
starved for starlight ‘midst the stark
of man’s savage heart

Sam is an American poet and spoken word artist.  She was born and raised in Florida but has lived in New England for about 10 years.  She works full-time as a therapist at a psychiatric hospital.  Sam has written poetry off and on (mostly off) since childhood but has been writing consistently since 2019.  She has a penchant for employing rhyme and alliteration as well as for using humor, satire, surrealism and absurdism in her writing.  Her work often touches on themes of greed, oppression, morality, dialectics, and recovery.  Follow her on Instagram via @colourful_anomaly to read more.


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