Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Moon Ate the Dark – RedCat

In the full moon light
Neither public persona nor shadow side
Can stay hidden to the Goddess sight

In revelations She delights
Illuminating all that’s hidden inside
Unveiling what hinders living in divine light

In presence of Her light
Let the divine spark decide
Sacrifice all those feelings of fright

In contact with Her might
Draw love, courage, strength, wisdom, will to fight
Filling heart until soul shines bright

In Her dark devouring light
Connect to that inner guide
Soul felt desires steers right

In this magic healing night
History released, new start provide
Let Her passion life lust ignite

In the full moon light
Now knowing and clear eyed
Ascend path where dreams take flight

© RedCat

RedCat is a lifelong bookworm, that thinks reading, writing poetry and prose, music and dance, makes life worth living. Her writing spans any topic that currently inspires her, be that love, life, environment, mythology or anything else that pops into her head. Originally from the deep woods, this fiery redhead now makes home in Stockholm, Sweden, where you might run into her dancing the night away in one of the city’s techno-clubs. You can read more of her writing at The world according to RedCat

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