Response Poem to 4,087 – Stephen Fuller

Yours tremble?
Mine shake
Like glass
Wants broken
Into shards
Crushed under foot
To return to sand

Unmelt me

But first
Pick a shard
Of me
To help carve
so many…

So many
So many
So many

Wake me from my
Nightly nightmare
Screaming, I don’t
Want it’s memory

So many
So many
So many

Pick my shard
Off the ground
And carve

Stephen Fuller began writing poetry as a teenager in New Hampshire and kept at it throughout a 27 year career in the Navy.  During that time he found homes for poems in Scholastic, Powhatan Review, Skipping Stones, Portfolio, and the Virginia Pilot.  For a year he actively blogged as Sailorpoet and was instrumental in the vision of the Go Dog Go Cafe. Following retirement from active duty, he began pursuing a writing career in earnest.  You can read more of his writing at Fullbeard Lit.

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