Sharing Our Truths: Let Me Heal – Megha Bhartiya

Withered flowers on his crowned head.
A blackened leafy dress on his bodice.
Thorns of growing greed around his limbs
Gracefully gliding along his skin.
In human form he stood,
Feminine features on a masculine frame.
An embodiment of nature,
Blending all human stigmas, genders and race.
Slender fingers gliding along a polluted planet,
Leaving a trail of sampled defeat,
When warnings they didn’t heed.
He peeped through the hole in the ozone,
Onto the melting glaciers at sea,
The falling forests and endangered species.
Then he wished the sapiens could understand,
That there is no man, when there is no sea or land.
Floating through the atmosphere into the chaos of disease,
He realised nothing scared man more than two things ;
The unknown and being alone.
With a sad sigh he whispered in humanity’s ears.
“Let me heal.
Although it may pain you
May you learn from this grief,
That salvation is survival of all,
Of the strong and the weak,
Of the flora and the fauna,
The survival of all species.”
As nature’s warm caress brought hope in hard times,
His soft voice continued to preach.
“Let me heal.
When this pandemic ends,
And it will.
I hope mankind descends,
Into a dawn of realisation.
Take what you need,
Don’t give in to greed.
Let me heal.”

I am Megha Bhartiya, a student, artist and blogger. Writing is my means of escape, it is my stress buster. I write to feel happy, and I share what I write in hopes of my writing bringing joy to someone else. On my blog I post my pieces in hopes of people enjoying and relating to them. ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)
I’m an avid reader and photographer as well.

You can read more of my writing at InkSoakedSoul

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