Sharing Our Truths: This Excruciating Wait – Donna Matthews

Throwing my phone down in frustration, I mutter under my breathe – ENOUGH! I’ve been glued to the stupid thing all day…constantly searching for new information – new stories, new stats, anything I can find to read about this virus. I’ve officially morphed into a news junkie and hardly recognize myself.

What am I looking for? Information sure…and perhaps a plan. I’m a woman who values plans…feels reassured by a solid plan of action. But it’s deeper than that…I’m speed reading. It’s like a really suspenseful novel and you start reading faster and faster to try to get to the climax. Or like a really well-written Netflix show with episode cliffhangers. You keep clicking next to watch…to see how it all ends.

But there’s no next episode…no final chapter written yet. There’s only the wait. This excruciating wait.

seeking peace
time unfolds slowly
my nerves frayed

Donna Matthews started writing a couple of years ago when her children started leaving her nest. She enjoys writing poetry, prose, and short stories.  In addition to writing, she also loves to read, paint, take pictures, and explore the world on foot. She is passionate about helping others find their voice in both the writing and art communities.

Read more of her writing at DJ RANCH

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