Sharing Our Truths: Many Moons – Amy Lee

Many moons I ached
Many needles I took
Many dreams I resist
Many plans I refrain
– for you

Many walks I strolled
Many looks I received
Many curses I hear
Many violence I fear
– the colour my skin

In a few moons you’ll arrive
In a few years you’ll know
In a few days you’ll still kick me
In a few decades you’ll still bear
– the colour of your skin

This unknown, this virus
This hate, this blame
This love, this bond
This dark age
– I carried you

Amy Lee is a lawyer and emerging writer based in Seattle. She is finally writing as she feels she has been quiet for too long.
When it is not raining in Seattle, she dreams of her sunburnt down under homeland.
Her work was published in HR.ComThe F-Word, Cicerone and FemAsia.
She holds  BA/LLB from the University of Queensland and LLM from the Melbourne University.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Our Truths: Many Moons – Amy Lee

  1. It’s so totally scary, the direction of which this world is, currently, spinning, and that gives me comfort, in knowing, that someone I love dear, and cared for a whole lot, had, never been, conceived…


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