Sharing Our Truths: Isolation – Ian Perlman

as distances lay immeasurable
as silence sounds deafening
turn down the noise
that muffles the feel

our hearts beating
wishing it different
but the pulse is off
paths remain uncharted

is your fear
in turning the page
or reading
what has been written

take hold of the pen
alone together
author our tomorrow
we will not disappear

where strength allows
sow your seeds
time will make wine
from these tears

set hope within your palm
let it flow through
no grand farewells
are needed now

A work in progress, I am doing what I can to stay in the moments that matter and embrace the journey. Seeking an outlet by a life turned upside down, I began to write in earnest in 2011. The outlet began to mesh with passion. I chose to share my writing more broadly in September 2018. I am drawn to the things that affect me viscerally. Joy, sadness, pain, anger – anything / all of it – I want to feel it. If my writing can affect others in a way that their emotions are stirred, I have achieved my goal.

I have lived my life in the northeast, currently residing in northern RI. I have two amazing teens and two soul soothing dogs. If you stumble across my site looking in your window, I hope you enjoy what you read.

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