Sharing Our Truths: Love in the times of covid – Punam

He longingly gazes at her
a half smile slowly making its way to his lips
his bourbon eyes caress her lovingly
dropping feather light kisses everywhere
his face a template of passion
shapes raging fire within her
his sighs, a sweet torture for her soul
encouraging her to surrender shamelessly
he croons her favourite love song
melting her heart completely
but she steels herself just in time
before she forgets the self imposed isolation
a lesson they could scarce afford to forget
“Just hold my hands”, he whispers beseechingly
she shakes her fist at him
angry and amused at the same time
“Let’s collaborate on this one from afar”, she intones slyly
“I’ll pass your enticing invitation
for I don’t want to encourage quietus
meet you, I will, after the worst is over!
till then, look within and let’s love remotely!”

Punam is a stay at home wife and mom, who also writes for textbooks. Her poems have been published by the Tuck Magazine, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Free Verse Revolution, Spillwords and Indian Periodical. She blogs as paeansunplugged on WordPress.


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