Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Moon Ate the Dark – Sarah Ritter

I see the luminous white moon
Its silver glow shining above me
Reminding me of the home
That defines where I used to be

Once comforted in the open arms
Of voices and laughter of those I love
But now in order to talk to each other
We look to the sky at the moon above

The ethereal moon takes me back
And the flood of memories come
Wistful thoughts wash over me
Of all that comprises where I’m from

As I stood alone under the vast sky
I watched as the moon ate the dark
It swallowed the dimly lit stars
Poured light into my nostalgic heart

And though I still stood alone
I no longer felt as though I were
As moonlight wrapped around me
Flutters of hope and love began to stir

Sarah Ritter is a poet who published her first collection “Inspirations, Transformations and Revelations: A Poetic Expression of My Personal Journey.” She is also a contributing poet to the “We Are Beat Anthology” and “Goddess Anthology” by The National Beat Poetry Foundation and the “Connecticut Bards Northwest Poetry Review” by Local Gems Press.
You can read more of Sarah’s writing at Sarah Ritter

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