I Am More Than Breath and Bone: inkdropk

I am more than breath and bone
I’m the reassuring ear
when you need someone to hear

I’m the objective mind
to give you a view
when you find you’re in two

I’m the shoulder
to cry on
when things haven’t gone your way

I’m the friendly voice
to bring a smile
when you want to talk to

I’m the heart
who loves you – no questions asked
no quarter given – no advantage gained

A Writer/Photographer from Salford, England

I like drawing my experiences in my writing and write on events i’ve volunteered at (everything from the Commonwealth Games in 2002 to being part of the London Olympics in Manchester in 2012), currently creating items for my Handmade blog (from inkdrop), as well as helping out at Imperial War Museum North – in Manchester where i’m a member of the customer service team, currently involved in meeting and greeting school groups to the museum.

4 thoughts on “I Am More Than Breath and Bone: inkdropk

    1. First time this has caught my eye wildheart – so THANKS for reading. Feel free to take another dip in the inkwell, plenty more stuff like that on there.


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