Sharing Our Truths: Then Why – Ian Perlman

from angles
that are new to me
this pace feels different
these locks have me searching for a key

after staring elephants into a corner
I hope to rest alone with you
in these moments
with a vice or two

as I carry new found fears
I find myself missing this and that
sit with me and ease
the mind’s acrobat

trust what we have seen
together strong
we shall meet
tomorrow’s dawn

A work in progress, I am doing what I can to stay in the moments that matter and embrace the journey. Seeking an outlet by a life turned upside down, I began to write in earnest in 2011. The outlet began to mesh with passion. I chose to share my writing more broadly in September 2018. I am drawn to the things that affect me viscerally. Joy, sadness, pain, anger – anything / all of it – I want to feel it. If my writing can affect others in a way that their emotions are stirred, I have achieved my goal.

I have lived my life in the northeast, currently residing in northern RI. I have two amazing teens and two soul soothing dogs. If you stumble across my site looking in your window, I hope you enjoy what you read.

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