Sharing Our Truths: Brave Hearts – Billie the Human

Amidst the chaos and ruin
Something shines through
Battle scared, blooded and broken
It beats like a whimper
The drum of a thousand lost souls
The beat of a million voiceless screams
To the rhythm of a billion teardrops falling
The Brave Hearts ring true
Triumphant they stand
On shaking spindles
Bent double
Upright courage
They stride into the light
Footsteps faltering but true
Mark out the beat of their brave heart drums
The Just and the Great fall to knees
Blinded by guilt
Deafened by the courage
Of their guiltless prisoners
With Brave Hearts a drumming

My name is Billie. I’m an accidental activist for the right of people who are homeless and/or have mental health problems to be seen and treated as the capable, resourceful, intelligent human beings they are.

I’m long term homeless with so many forms of discrimination intersecting on me that I feel like a pin cushion.

I have allusions of being a writer and once I gain permanent housing I’ll be writing a book. Unfortunately I’m probably blacklisted from all forms of housing other than tents.

Poetry, flash fiction, nonfiction opinion peices with an evidence base behind them. I’m currently in Scotland and in a previous life worked in mental health sector.

If I can’t make it as a writer would love to be the mad cat lady in the house down the road.

You can read more of my writing at The Life and Times of Billie the Human

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