Sharing Our Truths: New normal – Punam

Yesterday night I caught a star
gazing at me unabashedly
wide eyed and delighted
I tried to catch it in my hands
it twinkled and pulsated merrily
winking at me, it guided me outdoors
other stars clamoured for my attention
festooning my balcony in fairy lights, prettily
the pallid moon sulked and stomped
becoming fiercely belligerent
but it could not dim the brightness of stars
I had to finally shoo her away, disgustedly!
At dawn, on countless branches of swaying trees,
myriad birds chirruped and warbled sweetly
creating a symphony I had long forgotten,
making my heart join in spontaneously!
The breeze teased my hair and tousled it
the wind chime trapezed gracefully
under the bluest of blue skies
a majestic kite glided lazily!
The roads are empty and quiet
no snaking, hot, metallic queues
no harried drivers screaming angrily
no screeching tyres or blaring horns
in this quietude, I can hear the bees humming happily
and leaves rustling luxuriously!
No scry is needed to see what the future holds
happy I am in my abode of meagre belongings collected lovingly
I am with my loved ones and those who matter
I care not for the things I have given up willingly
I quiz not with whys, hows and whens
I have to confess; I am alive, I breathe, I ask no more gratefully!

Punam is a stay at home wife and mom, who also writes for textbooks. Her poems have been published by the Tuck Magazine, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Free Verse Revolution, Spillwords and Indian Periodical. She blogs as paeansunplugged on WordPress.


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