waters rose
‘round me
so gradually
so soothingly
I barely noticed
when gentle lapping
against bare toes
became insistent
nudging of knees
with a feeling
that could be described
I let it gently
close over my head
abandoning myself
to bob
beneath the surface
from time to time
angel fish whisper
to me
I fight to emerge
filling lungs
painful gasp
after painful gasp
with undiluted broadcasts
eyes assaulted by
unfiltered headlines
ears tormented
by buzz of a million
angry hornets
it does not
take very long
until I embrace
drift back watery depths
unexpectedly grateful
to find gills have grown
along my ribs
brightly colored fish
who do not
know the world
of men
entwined in my
seaweed hair
who dart
who play

© 2020 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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