Books That Matter: Hood Feminism (Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot) by Mikki Kendall

Indie Blu(e) is proud to announce the first review in our new series, ‘Books That Matter’

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Reviewed by Candice Louisa Daquin

I would not want to debate Mikki Kendall. Because unlike other authors who write from their perspective, Kendall is aware of all the perspectives and can reduce them down and go back to her point effortlessly. This isn’t easy to do given the complexities of feminism as a canon. Typically, feminism is one of the most impenetrable subjects at higher levels because it seems the canon has been deliberately complicated to justify itself. Kendall doesn’t do that; she talks plainly and eloquently without having to hide behind metaphor or create new words to codify feminism. For that I appreciate her.

It was with trepidation I reviewed this book. The subject dear to my heart, but I knew I would struggle with anger and recriminations Kendall was bringing up. That of intersectionality and the duality of the feminist experience depending upon race. For me, this is…

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