Books That Matter: Kristiana Reed reviews I’m Not Dying With You Tonight by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal

Kristiana Reed reviews a Book That Matters on Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

I’m Not Dying With You Tonight by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal is Young Adult fiction with its finger keenly on the pulse of current affairs. Told through dual narrative, Jones and Segal collaborate to tell the story of one turbulent night shared and survived by Lena and Campbell.

Forced together as a fight breaks out at their high school and gunshots are fired, Lena and Campbell must set aside their societal differences and unite in the face of civil disturbance, protests, rioting and looting. Through Lena, Campbell begins to understand the deep racial tensions within the town she has recently moved to. She witnesses Lena’s fear in the presence of the police and watches a community stand for equality and justice in response to a racist governor.

Whilst Lena teaches Campbell to acknowledge the white privilege she possesses, she learns that the new white girl in town with very…

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