Thought of the Day: Getting real about the U.S. Presidental Election

We are now nine days from the United States Presidential Election.Some of you may have already voted in person, by mail, and via drop-off boxes. It was the safest and most sensible way for me to vote this year and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

Many of you are choosing to brave the crowds and vote in person on Election Day as added protection, to ensure that your vote counts. Thank you.

Some of you may still be undecided. Some of you may be considering writing in Kanye West to your ballots as a form of protest. Some of you may even have no intention of exercising your right to vote.

I say to you: Our country is on fire.

There is an incompetent and divisive narcissist in the White House who believes in nothing but himself and his comfort, who cannot speak publicly for more than five minutes without telling a lie, mocking or belittling someone, making up facts, or espousing beliefs he doesn’t actually hold to try to shore up his voter base. The harm this administration has caused over the last four years is immeasurable. We are more polarized than we have been before, we are dying in droves in hospitals and on the streets, we feel carte blanch permission to damage each other, we have further damaged the earth, possibly beyond redemption, and suddenly civil war and tanks on the street of Washington D.C. and other cities around the country keeping the ‘peace’ seem completely plausible post-election scenerios.

No American should shirk their sacred duty to exercise their voice this November and vote. This country cannot afford to have any American write in a throw-away presidential candidate this election- this very behavior helped hand Trump the election four years ago.

If you are still considering voting for Trump, look at your friends, your family. Do you have women in your life that you care about? Do you have members of the LGBTQ community in your life that you care about? Do you have friends and family who are black or brown? Immigrants? Living below the poverty line? Disabled? At risk for COVID-19?

Ask yourself how you are going to live with yourself for the next four years if you vote for someone who most assuredly will do them harm.

Vote as if their rights, their lives depend on it. They do.

10 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Getting real about the U.S. Presidental Election

  1. Hear hear! Well said, & well actioned! Have you seen the latest campaign ad featuring the Black-Eyed Peas, asking America to choose Love? Google it, it’s so great. Come on America, you can do it- make the change- the whole world needs you to…
    Love from G in Australia ❤️🌈❤️

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