Musings: November 4,2020

I have been mulling the election results over for a few hours, and want to try to articulate what many of us are feeling.

I have not given up hope that Biden will ultimately be declared the winner; however, I am reeling that he did not win by a landslide.

Biden winning by a landslide would have reassured me that I still recognize the country that I live in, that my values are shared with all people of conscience and sense.

This lack of a sweeping moral victory remains deeply distressing. Every vote for Trump was a vote to accept institutional and interpersonal racism. It was a vote that affirmed that for almost 50% of this country, brown and black lives are ‘less than’, ‘other’ and not valued as highly as white lives. It was a vote that declared that black lives do NOT matter and that police brutality is acceptable.

Every vote for Trump was a vote to accept sexism and rape culture in America. It was a vote that dismissed the experience of every child, woman, and man who has been subject to sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, rape, and sexual abuse.

Every vote for Trump was a vote to accept homophobia and transphobia. It was a vote supporting the reductions of civil rights and the elimination of protections for the LBGTQ+ community.

Every vote for Trump was a vote to accept Islamophobia, antisemitism, and inhuman policies geared toward immigrants. It was a vote that turned its back on the very founding philosophy of this country.
A rejection of ‘Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free’, a rejection of unification of our citizens under the light of liberty.

Every vote for Trump was a vote to accept the loss of 233,130 American lives to Covid. It was a vote implying that the massive loss of life among the elderly, people of color, and the chronically ill is acceptable collateral damage so that others can go mask free and gather in large groups unimpeded.

Every vote for Trump was a vote to accept dishonesty and lack of integrity in the holder of one of the most sacred and public positions in the world. What does it mean that half our country did not vote as if honesty and integrity were bottom-line values that all Presidents MUST demonstrate?

How do we comfort and support each other, when we are confronted with irrefutable proof that nearly half the citizens of this country chose the economy (according to exit polls) over honesty, integrity, human lives, and social justice?!

How do we look at each other– and ourselves– in the eye?

17 thoughts on “Musings: November 4,2020

  1. And, as for those who “voted for the economy”, I strongly suspect that they were mistaken in that too, falling for extravagant promises couched in sentences composed of strings of superlatives and devoid of content. I am sad to see so many fools, willing marks of a con man and con party.

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    1. I posted on my personal FB page a chart from Motley Fool which shows stock market growth under each president. Interesting enough, Clinton and Obama had high growth rates than the Giant Yam. So, those who claim they “voted for the economy” use that as an excuse because they do not or can not acknowledge the truth–they voted for him because he validated their fears and their prejudices.

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  2. Absolute truth. And it saddens me to know that about half of the people I see each day think and feel that it is acceptable to see others as less than.

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