Tuesday Morning Serenade

slow morning wake
unexpected serenade
‘pretty woman’
sung slightly
off-key with
confident bravado
only a stranger
wandering by an
open window
while wearing
can muster
another might
imagine it
a command
meant for only
my ears
but i no longer
hold illusions
of ‘pretty’
‘pretty’ belongs
to smooth
soft cheeks
bloomed with youth
the ribboned road
stretched out
smoothly before
bright eyes
promising 2 am
whispered ardor
more years ahead
than behind
i have weathered
into ‘interesting’
cracked sidewalk
each line
each imperfection
a story
to tell

© 2021 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Serenade

  1. I love this one, for sure each crack has a story. Often, upon on meeting an older person than me, like those in their 90’s, I want to have them tell me their story. Usually though, I don’t have the time to hear it all since their lives, once they start remembering begins to flow out of them. Oh, if only we would listen to the aged ones…how less time we would spend in the past or future and enjoy the present.

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