Unhinged – Jamie Lynn Martin

Breaking my silence was never meant to be a scarlet letter seamed within my skin.
Unhinging this decrepit restraint you once twisted into my jaw,
unleashing the muffled sounds of your name.
Your deeds will no longer be my cross to bear, leaving me blindfolded,
bracing for the crossfire you so ferociously shared.
Once you were the keeper of my soul,
but I forbid you from wearing my fear as your badge.
I will write your voice beneath this memory,
and may they both burn just the same.

The writing of Indie Author, Jamie Lynn Martin, is as raw and diverse as the culture of her hometown, New Orleans, La. At age 7, Jamie began writing as a therapeutic outlet to express the emotions locked within. Even now she turns to ink for self-medicating. In addition to Jamie’s upcoming debut book of poetry and prose, her words have been featured in Cult Magazine, the We Will Not Be Silenced Anthology, and all across social media.

You can read more of Jamie Lynn’s writing on Facebook and Instagram

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