The Heads of Cerberus – Tan Ruey Fern

Across the street, along the park-side pavement

a black dog walked, and sniffed with three short snouts,

against the sage green grass sheen, dark coat

of his fur was an obsidian knife. The trees

blunted it, he was following closely

the terra cotta tiles.

At the little red shrine, he stopped to test

the lumps of breaking soil on his tongue, while

the other two broad heads kept watch eyes fixed

on the overcast skies, smelling for rain,

a cool breeze carried – that leafy

vegetable scent.

When the silver drizzling begun, the dog

was satisfied that his work was done,

and left the rest of the earth


Photo by Luis Dalvan from Pexels

Tan Ruey Fern (Fern) is an undergraduate student who loves language. She comes from Southeast Asia, where she spends most of her time reading and writing indoors. You can find more of her work on the blog Carboniferous Chronicles. She hopes readers can get something enriching out of her writing.

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