Eektober series (part nine) – Nisreen Ali

She was walking in the forest again
While the sky poured it’s heart out
There stood before her two beasts
Seeking vengeance, seeking her death

One was emaciated with hollowed eyes
Within it were ticks and leeches
The other wooden daemon had tentacles
Two that went beneath the ground
And four that were snapping mid-air

The first monster began to wail
It’s pitch was shrill and dark
Hundreds of feisty leeches crawled towards her
The second one made the earth beneath her give away

Swiftly a copper vessel was brought out
She whispered some spells
And added some pumpkin spice
She became one with the lightning

Red smoke surrounded her levitating self
The monsters and their minions were burnt to the crisp
She crumpled their spare and found parts under her boots, walking on.


Bizarre writer ▪ Messy crafter ▪ Insane mother

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