Living in the Present – Christine Bolton

In the stillness
of the morning
I see her again
The woman in black
Standing on the rocks
in silence
Staring at the sea
The breeze lifting
her hair and leaving it
to tousle about
her shoulders
Whenever I come
at this time she is there
Never acknowledging
my presence
Absorbed in her thoughts
and quietness
I smile nervously
but she looks through me
As if I were transparent
I speak but she does not hear
It was then I realized
I was looking at myself
The woman in black
was me
My head was always
in the future
instead of being in the present
I was mourning the
loss of something I would
never have
unless I started living

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

You can read more of Christine Bolton’s writing at Poetry For Healing: Words from the Heart

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