The Graveyard Apartment – Georgiann Carlson

“Oh, it’s a lovely apartment. You’ll see. It’s just down these stairs,” said the sales woman, peering over the railing.

“It looks dark,” said the man.

“A bit, but then, the rent is very cheap.”

“Yes, but are there windows?”

“I don’t think so, I mean it is a garden apartment, after all. But it is quiet. You said you wanted silence, so you could write, didn’t you?”

“I did, but this seems extreme. And there are a lot of stairs.”

“Now days you can have everything delivered. You won’t ever have to leave your apartment.”

“I saw that some kids wrote, THE GRAVEYARD APARTMENTS, on your sign, out in front.”

“It’s rather close to Halloween, you know. And kids will be kids, after all.”

“Is there a graveyard near here? I’m kind of funny about those things.”

She smiled at him. “Yes, there is,” she said. “But not to worry.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s quite close,” she answered, smiling at him, the dried flesh, flaking from her face. “Close enough that you’re standing in it.”



I’m an artist, a writer, a vegetarian, an animal rights activist, and quite a few other things as well. I love books, cats, philosophy, good conversation, Chicago and the arts. So my blog is full of bits and pieces but it’s the bits and pieces that make life interesting to me. You can read more of my writing at Rethinking Life

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