Stolen Words – Eugenia

The Title saddened

as blank pages,

yellowed and withered,

once held words of profound

wisdom, masterfully scribed

with the finest hand-cut

goose quill.

But, intrusion of dark tales

oozing with evil, lust and

random samplings of

shushed dirty secrets,

pained those intoxicated

with haunting hangovers.

What happens in

– once upon a time –

remain as such, thus

the demise of written

words inevitable.

Eugenia enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for Eugenia to follow her dreams by doing things she enjoys…spending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling, and writing poetry. Eugenia’s writing and creative endeavors can be found at her blog, Eugi’s Causerie. Eugenia has authored eBooks Fanciful Delights and Mama, me and Mother Nature, and also has writings at Spillwords, PoetrySoup, and

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