Once Upon a December – Merin K George

On the cold December night, I stood by my window

glaring at the dark lonely woods behind my cottage.

Listening to the wailing wind passing by the hollow woods,

Shrills and rustling leaves of the forest which resembled the ghostly steps.

Everything around seemed cold, lifeless and morbid.

The air around is filled with desolations and resentments of the season.

 With puffy eyes and broken heart dwelling in the resentments of life,

I remembered that little girl who sat around the fire place,

with stars twinkling in her innocent small eyes, yearning for season’s festivities and joy.

Small houses enlightened with cribs, trees, chanting of prayers from that distant chapel

It’s the time to restore, to contemplate and prepare for a new life.

It lightened up and soothed my melancholic heart.

Image Credit & CopyrightPetr Horálek

Merin K George is a writer and software developer from Kerala, India. She is the co-author of three poetry anthologies.  Her works got featured in  the Indian periodical magazine and Edge of Humanity magazine. She likes to bring the beauty of nature and complex human emotions through her poems.

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