The Gift of Words: Dirty Words – Sarah Lilius

A stunning Pushcart-nominated poetry collection

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

As you finish up your holiday shopping, the Editors recommend adding one (or more!) of our fabulous titles to your list.

The captivating poems in Dirty Words aren’t just a feminist journey through women’s issues. These essential poems represent women in the various mundane, necessary, and often unfortunate aspects of life throughout all the stages of a woman’s years, from young girl to mother. Poems about sexual violence, abortion, marriage, and motherhood are just some of the topics unearthed with passion and precision. Lilius brings together words that strike into our hearts and bodies through vivid imagination and eager images. The reader will see that feminism isn’t a dirty word after all, but rather a powerful and vital concept everyone should apply to the everyday, the universal.

“There are forgettable words, there are memorable words and then there are dirty words. By dirty, I have found Sarah Lilius knows every…

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