A Winter’s Tale – Paula Puolakka

A wild winter swan

was gunned down

by the sniper,

who had ruled the area

long before

the bird had spread its wings.


The animals have lost their sense of


the lonely gunner thought, and she stayed to

observe the feast of the wolves.


A winter’s tale is not always sweet:

the descendant of the soldier of the Winter War

embraces the rough beat.


The life of a Finn is a bust,

and all a Finn can do is do what she must:

this one will never leave her post

even though she’s treated like a ghost.

Paula Puolakka (1982) is a Beat poet, writer, and MA (History of Science and Ideas.) She’s also the representative of the City of Oulu.

The official website, the City of Oulu: https://www.ouka.fi/oulu/munoulu/oulun-pienlahettilaiden-esittely

Puolakka’s interviews: https://spillwords.com/spotlight-on-writers-paula-puolakka/

(Spillwords Press, 20.11.2021.)

https://penable.net/2021/06/03/interview-with-author-paula-puolakka/ (Penable, 6.3.2021.)

https://refiction.com/community/2019-01-10-paula-puolakka (Re:fiction, 10.1.2019.)

http://kirjastolinkit.ouka.fi/kaleva/elo17/englanti.htm (The newspaper Kaleva, 22.8.2017. A library link.)

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