Ghosts of Christmas: Past Baby, it’s Cold Outside – Georgiann Carlson

“I’m freezing.”

“Baby, it’s cold outside, what did you expect?”

“Why are we out here?”

“Because it’s beautiful.”

“Cold isn’t beautiful.”

“No, but the lights are. It’s a fairy land, just for us.”

“I’m going home.”

“You’re such a baby,” she laughed.

“Am not,” he said, smiling at her.

“Are too,” she said, skipping through the snow.

“You think I’m going to chase you?” he called.

“You did when we were kids. You didn’t mind the cold back then.”

“Yeah, but I was chasing you for a reason when we were kids,” he laughed.

She threw a snowball at him.

“Oh, now you did it,” he said, taking off after her.

She let out a shriek and ran behind a park bench.

He jumped over it and they fell to the ground laughing.

“Are you still cold?” she asked, rolling over to look at him.

“No,” he said, getting to his feet and offering her his hand. “But we’re not exactly as young as we used to be.”

“Depends,” she said, letting him pull her up. “Let’s walk and sing carols.”

“Whatever you want,” he said, kissing her. “Can we stop at Marcy’s Cafe and get some hot chocolate and some cookies?”

“Whatever you want,” she said, snuggling against him.

And together they walked through fairy land, which had been in their hearts since the first moment they saw each other.


I’m an artist, a writer, a vegetarian, an animal rights activist, and quite a few other things as well. I love books, cats, philosophy, good conversation, Chicago and the arts. So my blog is full of bits and pieces but it’s the bits and pieces that make life interesting to me. You can read more of my writing at Rethinking Life

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