Small Publishers versus the Rest – Candice Louisa Daquin

Indie Blu(e) Publishing has garnered a reputation for working closely with our authors to ensure the very best work they’re capable of, is the final product. It can be a frustrating journey if you haven’t taken it before. Nobody likes edits, nobody likes suggestions, because at first, they seem just critical. From our combined years in publishing, we understand that feeling but challenge our authors to go further and do their very best. Any publisher worth their salt will offer suggestions to make an author’s work better, it doesn’t invalidate anything, it strengthens the relationship. That’s what we do and that’s what sets us apart from self-publishing or publishing with bigger companies who do not have the time to put into their authors.

Having published with other publishers, this was one core goal at Indie Blu(e)’s inception: To be there for our authors, not just feed them in and spit them out. We understand your work is precious to you, and you want to go beyond what you could do by yourself in self-publishing and that is our goal every single time we sign an author.

Indie Blu(e) doesn’t accept every manuscript we receive, far from it. We do this because we recognize the importance of an author and publisher relationship. That means we need to feel your work fits our overall vibe and that you will be happy with the way we work. When we make a match, it’s a long-term investment in that author, to continually promote your work, ensure it is published as the finest work you have done to date, and to support you in the process.

Naturally, authors have to pull their weight too, and it’s an important element of the publishing relationship to have authors fully aware of the marketing commitment they must make to ensure their work gets out there to the widest possible audience. With a decline in reading, this can be challenging, especially with poetry, but the passion we feel for our authors’ work means we won’t leave you alone to do it.

Indie Blu(e) Publishing wants to be the publisher that sets you on the road to success in publishing your work. We’re not a vanity press, we’re not a large impersonal publisher. Our goal is to be proud of the books we choose to publish, and cultivate lasting, meaningful relationships with our talent. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Indie Blu(e) family then ensure you send us a polished manuscript, following these guidelines. The pride we have for our authors is huge. We are committed to hosting the strongest talent we can find and building a legacy of unforgettable authors.

What makes you unforgettable? We all benefit from editing, a great cover, and professional marketing, but a manuscript with raw talent is undeniable. We comb through submissions looking for the stand-out who captures our imagination and excites us. In this era of publishing, nothing less will achieve the goal of becoming a notable book, there is simply too much competition. We nurture our authors to become the very best they can be, but we also recognize they have to start off with something special.

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