Why Indie Blu(e) Publishing – Candice Louisa Daquin

You’ve got a rough manuscript, you think it’s pretty excellent, what next?

Shopping small publishers can be an exhausting process. How do you know who is good and what you should be looking for?

Indie Blu(e) Publishing stands on our reputation in the indie author community alongside the books we publish, to speak to what we’re capable of.

We offer the personal contact of a small publisher, with big marketing ideas and a heap of faith in our authors. Our passion for publishing seems to be impossible to quell, and no wonder if you check out our catalog. We’ve consistently found some of the best indie authors in today’s scene and brought their works to an ever widening audience.

This is no small feat, given the challenges of these days, but we’re intensely proud of what our authors have produced. If you are a fan of non-formulaic novels and show-stopper poetry collections, you might want to peruse our current catalog and support an indie publisher. Go to Indie Blu(e) Publishing for more information.

Why us over another publisher? There are many good small publishers out there. One thing that sets Indie Blu(e) apart is our WHOLE PACKAGE approach to publishing. We don’t think it’s enough to just publish what you give us. We want to help you hone it to be the very best work you’re capable of. Our talented editors know what readers want and how to avoid many of the pitfalls we end up in when we’re self-editing or asking friends. That professionalism really pays off.

You may have noticed our book covers are gorgeous and that’s because we put everything into ensuring that each book’s cover is a beautiful piece of art, and guaranteed to be noticed.

We work closely with our authors throughout the process and we don’t leave you once your book is published. You have continual access to advice, support, and ideas, alongside our own perpetual marketing of our titles on social media and beyond.

We have trusted connections in the publishing world and know who to approach for preview reviews of your work and how to fix issues that come up along the way. We trouble-shoot your concerns until they go away. Working with a team of dedicated publishers helps take the stress of publishing away and puts it in our capable hands.

Our marketing people know how to highlight your work and get it noticed. Obviously, you’re an integral part of any marketing plan, but we can help you utilize your social media to make it work for you.

If you are seeking to create something ever-lasting, then you want to be the best you’re capable of. Trusting a team of professionals who put your needs before profit is the way to go. That’s what sets Indie Blu(e) apart and that’s why we have a strong reputation in the small publishing world.

Our anthologies SMITTEN and The Kali Project both won finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards for this very reason and stand testimony to the quality of Indie Blu(e) Publishing as well as the fine poets and artists we are lucky enough to work with.

Don’t sell your work short. Submit it to a small publisher like Indie Blu(e) where you will get the hand-holding necessary to give you perspective and ensure you publish your best book to date. We work in this industry because we LOVE books and we are your biggest fans. If you think you have what it takes, consider submitting to Indie Blu(e) Publishing – we’ve got a few spots open for exceptional talent in 2022.

4 thoughts on “Why Indie Blu(e) Publishing – Candice Louisa Daquin

    1. This was inspired by a conversation the editors were having about why it REALLY is worth it to work with a micropublisher like Indie Blu(e) rather than self-publish or work with a vanity press. We asked ourselves, ‘what do we offer that these options can’t?’ It reminded us why we do this.

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