Planning February’s Love Is Creativity Prompts

I enjoy planning out my monthly Creativity prompts. I like taking a theme and interpreting it in a way that is creatively inspiring and introduces readers to great books, movies, tv shows, and/or music they might not otherwise discover.

For February, I am planning on using book, song, and movie titles about love- not JUST romantic love, but self-love, family love, love between friends, etc.

What are the best books you’ve read, songs you have listened to, or movies you have watched about love in all its iterations? How did it speak to you? What love lesson did you learn?

Please share your suggestions with me below.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Planning February’s Love Is Creativity Prompts

  1. This might seem strange, but I can see The Lion In Winter (the Hepburn/O’Toole version is one of my top favorites) as saying a lot about love, especially love in a ferociously dysfunctional family. That final scene after all the conflict and such, makes me smile every time.


  2. One of the most moving love stories turned crime novels is Helen Dunmore’s “Your Blue Eyed Boy”. For a more straightforward love story encompassing many kinds of love “Sons an Lovers” by DH Lawrence would probably get my vote! Lynn White


  3. When it comes to songs written to try to win back a lost love, this one by Ray Davies would possibly top my list. (It didn’t work though!!)


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