Authors in Indie Blu(e) Anthologies: Dr. Molly Joseph

Meet Dr. Molly Joseph

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Beyond Mist Mountains, by Dr. Molly Joseph is coming out this year, 2022.

Indie Blu(e) Publishing has had the honor of publishing a great number of internationally famous, locally respected and incredibly talented authors, poets and artists. Our series of profiles on these talented writers and artists continues with the eminent Dr. Molly Joseph whom we were fortunate enough to feature in The Kali Project. Dr. Joseph is a leader in her field and a highly compassionate human-being. It was such a pleasure to include her work in The Kali Project as her poetic voice is very well-known and much respected and as an Indian female poet she forges the way for those who come afterward. We were incredibly lucky to have a talent of her caliber in Kali and we are immensely grateful for her support of that necessary and important anthology.

Dr. Molly Joseph is a Professor…

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