Let’s Make a Deal

Originally Published on Blood Into Ink

I edge further
and further
from the known
the familiar
shutting some doors firmly
behind me
with a sigh of resignation
while others
I ease quietly closed
hesitant to reawaken
my past
I look for a yellow brick road
or neon footprints
to guide my steps
but the faint sets of tracks
are colorful chaos
blurring each other’s
into a chalky rainbow
as they criss-cross
and meander ahead
do I choose
curtain number one?
door number three?
or that unopened box
that my eyes
pretend not to see
the one that covers my back
in cold clammy sweat
while I gulp down anxiety flavored
shots of cheap rum and coke
gagging on the sticky sweetness
leaving me queasy
nerves humming
once more

Image courtesy of Pinterest

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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